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Saturday, 5 January 2019

The magnet fishing website has now gone global.

Some of you may have read my last blog posts where I told you about my new magnet fishing website. Well I have slowly been building it up and now it is stuffed with guides, tips and reviews. I have also added a metal detector review section to it. The website has been growing very well and getting quite a few visitors.
I noticed around a week ago though that many of the new visitors were coming from the US ! This was great. I decided that i wanted to make the website global and as such have rebranded it. We have now changed from Magnet Fishing UK to Magnet Fishing Pro and have a writer that is stateside for some of the articles. Now you will get UK and US reviews and tips on here.
I really hope that you take the time to come and see the new Magnet Fishing Pro website and if you get chance leave a comment over their and let us now what you think!

Best regards