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Sunday, 13 November 2016

A perfect day of metal detecting!

Hi all,
Today was the day that i got to try out my new detech ultimate coil on the safari. I bought this coil because a lot of my sites are pasture and the finds seem to be really deep and just generally
out of reach of any of the metal detectors i have tried. I just had a feeling that there were hammered coins there due to the history i had uncovered through research!
Well i was not wrong and the new coil really brought the safari to life, I had hammered silver, amazing complete medieval buckles and lots of other bits and pieces. Then to top it off my detecting buddy Darren found an amazing bracelet complete with charms.
This really was a detecting drip that i have not experienced for a long time where everything just seems to fit in place,
I used the Minelab Safari in all metal mode with -10 and +40 notched out, threshold at 11 and sensitivity in auto.

For the best tens and ems machines please have a look at this website, perfect pain relief for sore backs from digging! 

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