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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

My new project for when metal detecting is not possible.

Hello everyone,
It has been a crazy few weeks without that much metal detecting. We took a holiday to Florida or Orlando to be more precise, to cut a long story short we had a great holiday with amazing food and amazing weather. We even survived a category 4 hurricane, unfortunately now though it is back to reality.
Reality, unfortunately now means darker nights and cold winter days are upon us which kinda cuts in to available metal detecting time. So while I will be doing less metal detecting I have decided
to start a new hobby (if you can call it a hobby).
Through magnet fishing I have played with some pretty cool magnets and got myself quite interested in them and this has now advanced to me having a few different super strong neodymium magnets and other cool things. I also enjoy filming, editing and uploading videos to YouTube so I am combining these things and have made a new YouTube channel.
Granted I'm sure not many will be interested but I thought I would give it a shoutout here as you never know. So if you want to see some really cool stuff with high strength magnets please check out my first video and subscribe to my new channel.
Hope you enjoy

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