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Friday, 21 October 2016

A look at some of the best coins I have found metal detecting.

I still have not managed to get out metal detecting since way back before our trip to Florida a few weeks back. The main reason being is that I stupidly managed to slice the tendons connecting in my little finger again which has really hampered all my plans. Bored and missing any
metal detecting activities I decided I would make a video to show some of my better finds. I have been asked loads of times to do this and now seemed like the perfect opportunity
Most of my finds have been stashed away since our house move at the beginning of the year so I decided to show my personal favourite type of finds which happens to be coins!
Hopefully this weekend I might manage to get a couple of hours metal detecting done if I'm careful with my hand. Until then though I hope you enjoy the finds video below!

Happy hunting

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