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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Silver jug and more silver coins found with the metal detector on the Hoard field.

More metal detecting action at the silver coin hoard field.

After finding my first ever hoard of silver coins on my detecting buddies land last weekend i was dying to get back down there to see if there was any more left. I knew that the only way to try to get to any that were deeper down in the soil was to crank the Minelab Safari up to full power and have the threshold a bit higher so that i could hear the fainter, deeper signals. This seemed to work a treat as i found two more George iii sixpences in the same hole, very close to the hoard area.
Also found were quite a few other pre-decimal coins ranging from Victorian through to modern day Elizabeth.
However my find of the day was found literally as i had to vacate the land to go home. The signal was showing a very steady 36 and was a lovely crisp, sharp signal that i honestly thought was going to be another sixpence or shilling.
After i had dug down a good 6-8 inches i hit two thick tree roots which hindered my ability to get the find out of the hole. all that was needed though was a little persistence and after getting down to around a foot of depth i was able to get it out the hole. What i had in my hands was a complete and utter shock and one of my favourite finds i have ever had! I will let the pictures do the talking.

 It is what i believe is possibly a Victorian Silver Christening jug/tankard and has a small inscription and also the date of 1856!
I managed to record all the action live as it happened and i will put the video below for you to watch. I owe Darren so much for giving me the opportunity to detect on this field!

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