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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Silver jug and more silver coins found with the metal detector on the Hoard field.

More metal detecting action at the silver coin hoard field.

After finding my first ever hoard of silver coins on my detecting buddies land last weekend i was dying to get back down there to see if there was any more left. I knew that the only way to try to get to any that were deeper down in the soil was to crank the Minelab Safari up to full power and have the threshold a bit higher so that i could hear the fainter, deeper signals. This seemed to work a treat as i found two more

Sunday, 21 August 2016

I have found a hoard of silver coins metal detecting! Treasure alert.

Hi all,
I have been a bit quiet over the last week or so and the reason for this is that i have met a local detectorist and his son and we have been doing some permission swapping. Last Saturday i was metal detecting on my friends land when I had an almighty signal which showed up very high on the id scale. Upon digging up the target i could not believe what i was seeing, a coin that i had been wanting to find for over five years. The coin in question is a George iii "bullhead" sixpence a coin that i first saw on the forums when i started taking up this amazing hobby.
Fast forward to this weekend, yesterday to be more exact. I had decided that i was going to take a low and slow approach with my metal detector around the area that i found the sixpence. Within ten minutes I had a shilling sized silver coin in my finds pouch that was unfortunately completely worn. I continued around 4 foot and got another belting signal just like the one from the sixpence, digging down revealed yet another immaculate sixpence! Within a two foot radius i managed to find a total of 5 sixpences and one shilling all dated 1816. Five years of wanting and then suddenly i have a hoard of them.

The metal detector used was my Minelab Safari set up in custom all metal mode with -10 and +40 notched out

I caught the whole lot on video which is below this post. I really hope you enjoy it as much as i did filming it.

Happy hunting.