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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Which metal detector is the best to buy?

Which metal detector is the best?!

This is a question I am regularly asked in the comment sections of my metal detecting YouTube channel and it is possibly the hardest question to answer that is asked so often by newcomers to the hobby. You see, there are so many different variables involved
in metal detecting and there is no one miracle metal detector that suits every single environment and every single detectorist. 

What I'm trying to say is there are multiple manufacturers who produce many different models and even variations of the same model, each one is king of the area it is designed to be used in but could well suck anywhere else.  I could quite easily reel of a load of models of metal detectors that I like or have heard are good but I would be cheating you as I don't know your situation, location, budget and preferred area of searching. 

Some of the top detectors work great on land but are trash on the beach but even then it may work on one beach but not on another as no two beaches are the same due to different levels of mineralisation.  Some machines such as minelab bbs and fbs machines are really deep seekers and can pull small targets from incredible depths, they also work great on beaches to. However take them on a hunt on a really iron infested Roman site and you may find that they struggle to perform due to their slower recovery speed. In this case you would be better with a Garrett or a Tesoro. Do you see what I'm getting at? There is no one perfect magic detector.

My best advice to anyone who is starting out and finding that they are drowning in the hundreds of different models ( and thousands of reviews) is to work out where they are going to be searching for treasure, is it the beach, land or a bit of both, do you mind sacrificing a bit of depth for better response times and target separation?  Is the land your searching pretty clear of rubbish?  Once you have answered these questions , preferably visit a metal detecting shop or at least ring one and ask for their advice based on your personal requirements. 

Metal detectors are expensive and buying the right one for you first time round is pretty important for your wallet so make sure you take your time and get some sound advice from someone who knows the ins and outs of lots of metal detectors.

Good luck in your choice and happy hunting.

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