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Thursday, 28 July 2016

The new metal detector is here and some channel updates!

Well I raced home from work today in anticipation that the postman had delivered me a parcel, I was not disappointed.
After carefully unwrapping the well sealed up box my shiny new (used) Minelab Safari for sat on my lap waiting for assembly. This is my first ever Minelab machine and I am really happy with
it so far, it feels very sturdy and well built even though it a used machine so top credit awarded to Minelab on the build quality front. Roll on Saturday when i can finally take it out for a swing on my pasture permission.

I have made a quick YouTube video showing the detector and also going over a few important metal detecting and magnet fishing channel updates. If you fancy a quick watch of it the video is below.

Keep your eyes peeled for my first trip out with the new metal detector this weekend!

Happy hunting.


  1. Could you discuss how to get permissions U started metal detecting after watching your videos and i have a permit for beaches river banks etc but have not been able to secure any land its quite fustrating can you help thanks Richard @

  2. Hi Richard, I will write a blog post up today about my experience and tips for trying to secure a metal detecting permission, so check back late on :)


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