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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

I am very excited for tomorrow! (new metal detector alert)

Andy joins the Minelab Brigade

The day has come..... I could no longer handle not having a metal detector that I could use on the land. It was back in the cold and gloomy month of February since I last swung a coil in anger and it has really took its toll now. I bought a Cscope cs4pi around May time to do a bit of beach detecting but unfortunately the East Yorkshire beaches have been so sanded in that it is not worth the fuel to travel to the nearest beach.

My initial plan was to wait for the new Deteknix Quest Pro as I am going to be reviewing it for Deteknix but i cant wait any longer as the crops are now coming of the fields ready for the detecting season to start. I will still be heavily reviewing the Quest when its ready but for now i have bought a different detector to get me by.

So what have I gone and bought i hear you all say? Well i have joined the Minelab fan club! to be exact its a Minelab Safari which is a FBS machine. This is good for me because it means i can search all the environments that i detect on with one metal detector. I am not sure how it is going to handle the iron infested river bank though?! Also i can sell the Cscope as it is now going to be surplus to requirements.

Now this is where you guys can help me out big time! If anyone swings a Safari please clue me up on some settings that i can use on my pasture permission on the weekend. this field is very clean with minimal levels of iron. All the finds are really deep down, roughly 8+ inches to be more precise. So please leave a comment with settings if you can.

Anyway, all being well the postman should be dropping it of tomorrow and i will have a new blog 
post up about it tomorrow night with any luck.

Till then happy hunting!

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