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Saturday, 30 July 2016

First time out metal detecting in 5 months, new metal detector and an amazing medieval artefact!

Minelab Safari metal detector and possibly my favourite find ever....

So today was the day, my first metal detecting session in around five months and considering i used to be out every weekend day without fail this break has been a long one. Upon waking up the sky was overcast but there was no sign of rain just as the weather report said it would be like. I loaded up the car with the essentials, coat, metal detector, spade and pointer and i was away.

I went to the usual done to death pasture permission that mainly throws up military and modern crap not expecting to find much but as a chance to start bonding with the Safari. As soon as i got out the car the heavens opened and tried to give me a good drenching, luckily i brought sandwich bags to keep the detector dry!

Anyway the showers were short lived and i was soon basking in glorious sunshine wondering how i had managed to stay away from metal detecting for so long. The finds were pretty sparse today but i did manage a couple of coins, button and quite possibly my favourite find that i have has so far. The find in question is a medieval heraldic mount with blue and red enamel still remaining even after centuries buried in the soil.

The setting i use on the Minelab Safari were all metal, auto sensitivity, -10 and +40 notched out, threshold just audible and a good noise cancel. I found these settings to be very effective and worked quite deep. On the whole i am very impressed with the detector so far although it is a touch on the heavy side and my arm is feeling it right now.

Here is the video of the action
Also here is a picture of the mount!


  1. Hi andy I believe that you are not far from my area the field you have just detected looks very interesting was wondering whether you want to have a day at each others permissions I have a field next to a medevi church. and Winestead hall I am based in Patrington very local to where you set off my name is darren hope to hear from you soon

    1. Hi Darren, yeh that sounds like a plan. If you want to contact me by email we will sort something out

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