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Monday, 25 July 2016

Andy Baines is back in the metal detecting and magnet fishing game!

Why have I not been metal detecting, making videos or blogging?!

The simple answer is I have been struggling with the motivation to do anything
metal detector related, I think we all at some point fall out of love with the hobby for a while until you remember how much fun it is then you want to get back out there on the field or beach, that time has been well overdue for me

So what detector am I rocking now?!

Ermmmm...... I'm currently not! I'm still waiting on Deteknix to release the Quest Pro mk2 which is going to be happening very soon and when it does you can bet that I will be giving it a very heavy workout in lots of different detecting environments.

Actually that previous comment was not all true, I do have a metal detector in my arsenal. I have a Cscope cs4pi but unfortunately until we get some harsh winter storms it will not be making an appearance as the beaches round here are sanded in to the max!

So if you have no metal detectors to use right now what are you going to blog about?!

I'm just going to talk crap about treasure and anything related to treasure hunting for the time being. I might showcase some other people metal detecting finds and highlight and interesting metal detecting stories in the news.

I also plan to put my minimal amounts of metal detecting and magnet fishing experience into making some guides ranging from basic through to expert (haha expert, yeh right) for everyone to try.

In conclusion.....

Thanks for sticking with me and my blog/videos and keep checking back for future updates.

Happy hunting all.


  1. Hey!
    Good to have you back.

    John H

    1. Cheers John, it's good to be back! I'm just in the middle of writing a beach hunting guide which should be posted for your critique in the next hour :)


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