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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A few metal detecting bits and bobs, Stout Standards and a Viking sword!

Bronze Age sword found by the river and left in a barn for 50 years!

Ok, granted this is not a metal detecting find but it is a very extraordinary find so it has made it onto this blog post.

In 1965 Ambrose Owens was fishing on the river bank in County Fermanagh when he spotted an interesting looking sword,
which he later took home with him and left in his farmyard barn. Until recently the sword was completely forgotten about until Ambroses brother spotted it and realised that it was of significance. It was not until he showed it to experts that he realised just how important the sword was, it dated to around 800-600bc, well into the Bronze Age!

What a truly amazing find, read the full story on the bbc website by clicking here.

An interesting theory written by John Howland on Stout standards.

John Howland has written an interesting blog post on the Stout Standards blog. In the post John goes on to suggest that by taking Ph samples of the soil on the field your about to detect on that you could find out in advance if the field is going to throw up a good number of finds. Check it out it's a good read and you can visit the blog post by clicking here.

Happy hunting all.

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