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Saturday, 16 April 2016

A metal detecting adventure with Pompom the dog.

Hey everyone.

So today I told the Mrs I would take the dog for a long walk but I also wanted to go metal detecting as well. A local permission that I have is part of the area that I like to take the dog for a walk but unfortunately the crops are in full swing so its off limits. However recently the farmer has been dredging
all the field boundary ditches and dumping it all by the sides of the fields.
This got me thinking. I wondered if I could maybe detect the spoil heaps to see if there are any finds to be made, the farmer said yes!

I couldn't be bothered to walk all that way with my detector so I decided I would give it a try with my Deteknix wader LI pointer only. I scanned along the surface of all the spoil heaps until I had a signal and then dug it out. The finds were not astonishing, I had a backpack full of aluminium cans by the end of the walk but i did get some coins and other odds and ends.

The dog had a great walk and really enjoyed getting involved with the treasure hunt lol! It was absolutely filthy by the time we got back home though after falling in the ditch.

I made a video of this little adventure for anyone who fancies a watch.


  1. Love it. Anytime you can go detecting and bring your best friend is a good time for sure.

    1. Haha true Dick, Pom is a great dog, so much personality although being still less than a year old she can be a bit hyper. Hope your well :)


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