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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Metal detecting UK, return to bomb beach after Deep Digger Dan's visit.

Hi all,

Last year I made a video special to highlight the dangers faced at some of the East Yorkshire beaches here in the UK. This beach in particular was used for bombing practice by the MOD for a large number of years.

In 1998 the MOD stopped using the range for it bombing practices but
unfortunatly after all the years it was used the site was littered with bombs. Fast forward to now and the cliffs are erding at an incredible rate, literally metres a year and with every tide more and more bombs fall out onto the beach below.

A month or so back Deep Digger Dan also made a video showing the beach and all the bombs and between our videos there were over 50000 views. Surely the powers that be would have noticed one of the videos?!

I take a second trip back to the beach to see if this is the case and to see if any clean up work has been taken.

I hope you enjoy the video and dont forget to thumbs up and share.

Happy hunting!

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