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Sunday, 28 February 2016

I just found a BOMB metal detecting with my Deteknix Quest Pro.

Today I was up and awake bright and early ready to get out on the field for the first time with the new Deteknix Quest Pro metal detector. This was to be its maiden voyage and I had already decided that I would head to my pasture permission as I wanted to see how deep it could pull finds from.

Upon arrival there was a chilly breeze but the sun was out and shining and was pleasantly warm on my face
( what a change).

I had only had a quick browse of the Quest Pro's manual the night before but I found setting it up to be very easy and quickly navigated through the menu. The settings I used were disc mode, gain 75, threshold 1, ID filter 25 using 4 tones. As quick as that I was away metal detecting.

I was searching an area that I had been over plenty of times before with the XP ADX and the Makro Racer but the Deteknix Quest Pro had no problem at all in pulling up new finds that the others had missed. I found the detector to be very stable and also very sturdy whilst swinging it away in the thick grass.

A few finds that were note worthy are a new type of cap badge that I have not found before, also a medal or medallion and a length or accompanying chain and a modern'ish kind of token!

By far the most interesting find I had though is what I believe to be a live bomb! Please let me know what you think it is in the comments section of the video that I will post below. I have re-covered the suspected bomb and marked its location and also contacted the land owner. I will be calling bomb disposal once I get a bit of confirmation as I do not want to waste their time.

Please check out the video and give it a thumbs up and share and please also leave a coment as to what you think the object is! Many thanks and happy hunting.

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