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Sunday, 28 February 2016

I just found a BOMB metal detecting with my Deteknix Quest Pro.

Today I was up and awake bright and early ready to get out on the field for the first time with the new Deteknix Quest Pro metal detector. This was to be its maiden voyage and I had already decided that I would head to my pasture permission as I wanted to see how deep it could pull finds from.

Upon arrival there was a chilly breeze but the sun was out and shining and was pleasantly warm on my face

Saturday, 27 February 2016

New Deteknix Quest Pro metal detector review.

Deteknix Quest Pro metal detector review.

Hi all it has been quite some time since I last put up a blog post, today though i have something to write about!

Last Monday whilst I was at work the postman dropped off a very special package to my house, one that I had been waiting for a while. Unfortunately though whilst servicing my car the day before I managed to spill some engine coolant on my hands which a had quite an epic allergic reaction too. This caused me have some

Monday, 1 February 2016

DIY home made pulse induction metal detector surf 1.2 pi.

So a couple of years ago I started a project to build my own pi metal detector. I bought a silverdog surf 1.2 pi kit and had every intention to complete it!

Well unfortunately my soldering and electrical skills back the. Were near non existent and so the project got stuffed into a box and forgotten about.
Today though I found it whilst emptying one of our moving boxes. I have been wanting to get a pi detector for a while now so I can start beach detecting again but cash is a bit tight right now so buying a detector is out of the question.
The though that maybe I could revive the project and save myself a few quid crossed my mind and I set about resoldering all the connections and rolling a temporary coil, batteries were added and I tried firing it into life.
It works! The beast is alive. I was so buzzing I have made a short video to show it off. Hope you enjoy it and I will update when I build the full coil and housings :)

Happy hunting!