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Friday, 4 September 2015

Magnet fishing, my first attempt!

So after seeing and hearing about the art of magnet fishing a few times I thought I would have a crack at it.

I bought two 64kg pull magnets off eBay and attached them to a piece of slotted channel/unistrut that was in the work scrap bin using some 8mm threaded rod, washers and nuts. Too this I attached 30m of strong rope and also a bottle pointed up horizontally to keep the magnets facing the bottom when in the water.

For my first attempt at magnet fishing I headed to an old shipping channel which is now a drain, only half a mile from my house.

Oh the flippin irony, I go magnet fishing to try and find some treasures. Maybe an old musket or sword, even a tesco shopping trolley was a possibility. However this was not the case. Please check the video on YouTube by clicking Here to seesee what I found.

I will be back out magnet fishing this weekend with any luck so please check back to find out what I get this time around. Hope you enjoy the video :)

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