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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Metal detecting UK, Kiera gets a pocket spill including silver!

Well the Mrs was booked in to have her hair coloured today so Kiera told me she wouldn't mind coming metal detecting with me.
We got down to the usual pasture permission at around dinner time eager to find some buried treasures. Kiera was very generous and let me use my metal detector for the first couple of signals and then she decided I was on digging duties for the rest of the session.
There were not many finds made as we only stayed for a couple of hours due to the boiling midday sun but what was found definalty made up for it. Not only did Kiera find her first ever coin, she also found a pocket spill in the same hole, including a chunk of silver to boot!

I managed to get a final look in on the detecting whilst walking back to the car and found a little bit of silver myself in the shape of a 50% silver 6 pence.

If she wasn't hooked on this fascinating hobby already she bloody is now. Time to get her a detector of her own I think :)

Settings used on the Makro Racer were three tones, gain 95, id filter 25 and a good ground balance.

Enjoy the video and please click the thumbs up and subscribe as it will make Kiera's day :)

Here is the linklink

Happy hunting all.

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