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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Metal detecting today reveals possible ww1 goggles?

Hi all, I managed to get out metal detecting today on two occasions of around 2 hours per trip.

I went to my usual pasture permission which has been used in the past as a Victorian racecourse, ww1 army training base and runway.

To be honest I was gutted at only finding one coin and it was a modern two pence coin at that, however I did make some other nice finds which I am happy about.

One of my favourite finds of the day was a possible pair of ww1 goggles which I am not 100% sure about but I think it's a possibility.

I also found a few other old looking  relics. So all in all it was a gold and silver free day but I still had fun and it shows you don't have to be finding precious metals every time you detect to have fun.

I hope you all enjoy the video as much as I enjoy putting them together and if you do please comment, thumbs up and subscribe.

Settings used on the Makro Racer were my usual deep pasture settings of three tones, gain 95, id filter 25 and a good ground balance on a clean area.

Click Here for the video

Happy hunting all.

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