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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Some coins from pasture and a new tripod.

Hi all, I got out metal detecting this morning for a few hours and managed to get chance to use my new tripod for filming purposes.

Up to now I have been filming my detecting by hand and tobbe honest the videos have been quite shakey which I know can be annoying.

I hit my usual pasture permission with the Makro Racer with the settings if three tones, gain 95, id filter 25 and a good ground balance. The land is pretty clean so these settings do really well.

To be honest I dug a fair few bits of scrap but there were some coins amongst the rubbish which is always a welcome treat.

I hope you all enjoy the video which unfortunately I forgot to upload in hi res HD :(
Let me know if you prefer the tripod approach or if the hand filmed videos are better, and don't forget to subscribe haha :)

The video link

Happy hunting all

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Metal detecting with my Mrs and daughter.

Hi all, I managed a few short hunts metal detecting recently and also managed to get the Mrs and daughter to come down and show me how metal detecting should be done !

It was really nice to get the daughter detecting and she absolutely loved it and wants me to buy her a metal detector now so that she can come out with me. Maybe I will have to get her a Garrett ace 150 or something ?

I want to apologise in advance for the wind noise, it was blowing an absolute hooley!

I hope you enjoy the video and please give it a thumbs up and subscribe :)

Link to the videovideo

Settings used on the Makro Racer were three tones, gain 95, id filter 25 and the rest as standard with a good ground balance.

Happy hunting all.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Out detecting with a buddy rewards me with silver and a medal.

Hi all, today I had a good morning detecting session with fubar aka Tony who was the first person to take me out metal detecting on land. I had said I would repay him with a dig and today was that day a whole 3 years later!

We headed to my pasture permission early doors and after a brief chat set to work on making some finds. I had a few buttons at first and Tony started hitting the coins with some pre decimals and a nice local token.

I then got a really nice find in the shape of a queen Victoria coronation medal, my first one. It wasn't in the greatest condition but I'm chuffed with it.

After this we decided to hop over a gate and onto a different part of the permission where I managed quite a few more finds including a lovely bit of silver.

It was really nice to get out detecting again and to be able to repay the favour to Tony.

Please see the video below for all the finds that were made. Hope you enjoy it and subscribe to my channel.

Link to the videovideo

Happy hunting all.