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Friday, 26 June 2015

Metal detecting UK, new permission and possibly an aircraft dial?!

Hello all, I only got back from my holiday at 11pm last night and was totally knackered today but I'm never one to pass the opportunity to get out detecting so I went down to my local pasture permission.

Whilst setting up I noticed the farmer on the adjacent field bailing a load of hay and thought I would go have a chat and try secure permission on his field. Well as soon as I set off the walk to him he was off in his tractor, I was not letting the opportunity pass though as I have wanted permission there for a couple of years. So I sprinted down the field along a track for about half a mile lol.

By the time I reached him I must have looked like something out of a horror movie. After a good chat he allowed me permission to detect there and we talked about the history of the land. In the past it bordered a railway track, was a Victorian race course, had army training and was then a grass runway for a while.

Anyway I excitedly started detecting there and got a few nice finds, one being a possible aircraft dial which I could do with an id on. I also had a nice military button and some other stuff. Please check out the video as I have put some good still pics on it for the identification.

Here is the Link to it

Happy hunting.

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