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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Finally some more gold, metal detecting at the river Humber.

Hey all,
I got out metal detecting again today although I nearly cancelled it as an hour before I planned to go the heavens opened and it started raining. I thought I would give it a go anyway and packed my emergency metal detector water proofs (sandwich bags) and headed out the door.

Today's location was Hessle foreshore next to the Humber bridge, an area where I have had lots of nice finds in the past. For a change the wind was non existent and the rain was only light and occasional so I felt quite optimistic of my chances.

The finds were pretty sparse today which is very unusual for the area I was detecting as there is usually loads of modern clad coins. A thick layer of slimey silt was covering everything including all the iron that there so it was pretty hard to separate all of the signals the detector was giving.

I used the Makro racer in its beach mode due to the high mineralisation that there is down there, I also had to lower the gain to 60 and everything else I kept as it comes from the factory.

I won't spoil the video that I put together of the outing but let's just say that I have finally after a long drought hit gold and an absolute beauty at that.

Click here for the video

I hope you enjoy the video and please feel free to comment, like and subscribe.

Happy hunting everyone.

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