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Monday, 18 May 2015

Metal detecting on my deep pasture permission 17/5/15, coins and a ring thing.

Hi all, its not often that I get out metal detecting two days on the bounce but this weekend has been one of them times!

Granted both sessions were only about a couple of hours each but with lovely warm and sunny weather I could hardly complain.

Anyway today I completely missed the tide so the beach and river were both out the equation so that left me one option, my deep pasture site.

I used the Makro racer detector with my usual settings of 3 tones, 90 gain, 35 I'd filter and the rest of the settings as per the factory. I find these settings to be very deep on clean pasture.

Today's session turned out to be a bit of a coin shoot with quite a few pre-decimals coming up from a good depth and also so other bits and pieces. One piece that does intrigue me is a bronze ring which I don't think is a finger ring but it does look to have some age to it, I have heard of ring money but I don't know if this is one of them. Any ideas anyone?

Anyway here is the video with all the finds made.

link to video

Many thanks all and happy hunting

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