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Saturday, 18 April 2015

silver and coins found by my Makro racer metal detector.

Hey all, with the glorious sunny day we had today I could not resist getting outdoors with the Makro Racer metal detector.

The destination was set at my usual pasture permission that recently had been producing lots of WW1 grenade and ordinance related bits and bobs.

I decided that today I would focus on a path that has been worn through the pasture over the years as dog walkers and ramblers have been going about their business. I hoped there would be a few coins and loses down there and I wasn't let down.

I managed a silver coin and some other bits and bobs which made for a massive change to the usual stuff.

I really feel that I am getting to grips with the Makro Racer now and I'm starting to learn the tones and numbers and interpret what it is telling me is underneath the coil.

The settings used today were ground balanced, three tone, gain at 85 and as recommended by forum members I lowered my usual id filter setting to 30, just in case I managed to wander over some gold.

Anyway here is the video, I hope you enjoy it. Please click here

Happy hunting


  1. Andy: Apologies if you've addressed this. I'm thinking of adding a Racer to my own arsenal and have heard noise about the coil bolt being weak and even breaking. Your thoughts? Best regards - Clark

  2. Hi Clark, your right there are a small amount of units that were manufactured with a weak coil bolt and also the lugs on the coil have a weak spot. However this is not all of them just a small minority. Makro customer service is second to non and if there any problems they have already said they will post out with express delivery the new parts if you email them your serial number and a photo of the break.I would also like to add that all the new units since the fault has been found have been rectified.

    I hope this does not put you off because it is one beast of a machine


  3. Hi Andy, Great little metal detecting blog you have going here. I've bookmarked it for future reading. Look forward to your next posts. All the best.


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