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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Makro racer metal detector finds some grenade bits

I managed to get out detecting again on my regular pasture permission that I have remained the grenade field as that is all I seem to flippin find now a days! 

I found quite a few military/ordinance related bits and pieces and have made a bit of a find round up at the end of the video. So if anyone can help id any of the bits it would be great.

I was using the makro racer metal detector again and the settings used were, three tones, gain 85, id filter 45 and the rest of the settings were as they come.

I am very impressed with the makro racer and I am quite sure if one day I do walk over a good find that it will find it up to a good depth. 

Anyway to watch the video please click herehere

Happy hunting

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