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Saturday, 18 April 2015

silver and coins found by my Makro racer metal detector.

Hey all, with the glorious sunny day we had today I could not resist getting outdoors with the Makro Racer metal detector.

The destination was set at my usual pasture permission that recently had been producing lots of WW1 grenade and ordinance related bits and bobs.

I decided that today I would focus on a path that has been worn through the pasture over the years as dog walkers and ramblers have been going about their business. I hoped there would be a few coins and loses down there and I wasn't let down.

I managed a silver coin and some other bits and bobs which made for a massive change to the usual stuff.

I really feel that I am getting to grips with the Makro Racer now and I'm starting to learn the tones and numbers and interpret what it is telling me is underneath the coil.

The settings used today were ground balanced, three tone, gain at 85 and as recommended by forum members I lowered my usual id filter setting to 30, just in case I managed to wander over some gold.

Anyway here is the video, I hope you enjoy it. Please click here

Happy hunting

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Makro racer metal detector finds some grenade bits

I managed to get out detecting again on my regular pasture permission that I have remained the grenade field as that is all I seem to flippin find now a days! 

I found quite a few military/ordinance related bits and pieces and have made a bit of a find round up at the end of the video. So if anyone can help id any of the bits it would be great.

I was using the makro racer metal detector again and the settings used were, three tones, gain 85, id filter 45 and the rest of the settings were as they come.

I am very impressed with the makro racer and I am quite sure if one day I do walk over a good find that it will find it up to a good depth. 

Anyway to watch the video please click herehere

Happy hunting

First trip out with the Makro Racer metal detector.

Hey all, hope your well?

Yesterday I finally managed to get out with my new Makro Racer metal detector after having to sit watching it tease me all last week knowing full well I could not get out with it.

First impressions upon putting it together is that it is a good, sturdy and well built machine. It looks great and its design has obviously had time and proper effort to work out.

I decided its first hunt would be on a piece of pasture land that I have searched plenty of times before with my eurotek pro. I purposely searched areas I had been over before to see if the Makro racer metal detector could weed out any of the deeper finds.

I was very impressed with the depths it was achieving. Also what impressed me was that even though I was running it very hot it still remained very quiet as long as it was ground balanced correctly.

Anyway to say I am happy with it is an understatement to be honest, I cannot wait to get back out with it next weekend.
Please click here  for the video of my first trip out with my Makro racer detector.

Happy hunting all.

Monday, 6 April 2015