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Friday, 20 February 2015

Some metal detecting odds and ends.

Me and my metal detector.

I think its fair to say that I have found that special connection to my metal detectors again after falling out of love with the hobby for quite a few months. It had got to the point where I just could not be bothered to even think about hopping into the car for a session of treasure hunting but now I cannot wait for my next opportunity to be able to hit the field or beach. 

I have had a few decent finds on my last few trips which has really reignited the fuse, after a very, very long dry spell on the finds front. Also I have started recording my hunts which adds yet another exciting element to the hobby for me. For any one who has not seen my first attempts at making metal detecting video's you can check them out by clicking on this link and also this link. Hopefully soon I will get some new permissions also and a few trips to the beach which is where I prefer to metal detect.

Some countries are not as lucky

I read a little article recently about some divers off the coast of Israel who stumbled upon a huge hoard of gold coins in total dating back to over 1000 years old. At first they believed they were from a toy/game but after handling them they realised what they were and the magnitude of the find they had made. They called in archaeologist's to make sure the hoard was correctly analysed and recorded. Then we read

The find was “so valuable that its priceless,” spokeswoman Yoli Schwartz told AFP, adding the haul was now the property of the state, and that there was no finder’s fee.

How the hell is that fair? Why does the government have entitlement to just take that find that they knew nothing about, a find that the divers made and then come to the conclusion that they suddenly have the right to take it. 

Think yourself lucky that you live in the UK (if you do) where we have the brilliant PAS and also the treasure act which allows finders the entitlement to receive a finders fee reward for any treasure items that the government claims.

a picture of a gold coin hoard found by divers
Gold coin hoard found by divers.

Anyway thats enough rambling on by me so happy hunting everyone.


  1. Hya Andy:

    What, I wonder, will divers do if another cache of gold coins is discovered?


    John H

    1. John, I think exactly the same will happen for fear of the consequences due to state oppression, something quite a few of the twisted archaeobloggers we both know would absolutely love to see going on over here. Thankfully we are allowed freedom and are not completely oppressed by our government and long may it continue.



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