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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Metal detecting today with video, triple silvers

Hi everyone, managed to get out today on the same field that I had the gold ring on last weekend. The weather today was a bit crap with misty rain but at least it wasn't cold today.

I had a few decent finds including a hammered and two other silver coins. There was also loads if bottletops and ring pulls.

Settings used were sensitivity 8, zero discrimination and iron audio on with the teknetics eurotek pro.

I filmed the outing so if you want to check it out click this link which will take you to my YouTube video. Please subscribe :)

some metal detecting finds

some metal detecting finds

Happy hunting


  1. Hi Andy:
    I just lurve them silver Geroge V, Half-Crowns. Nice one!


  2. Cheers John, yeh its a cracking lump of silver one for the collection for sure.



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