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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

I have gone and done it (metal detecting video alert) and also a little Barford.

Time to make some metal detecting videos.....

I have bought myself a HD waterproof sportscam, the sj4000 that I mentioned in my previous blog post. It is getting delivered tomorrow along with a chest
mount harness and a 16gb micro SD card.

I feel a little apprehensive to be honest, I have never really been on camera before and I'm not very interesting and just to take it even further I never find sod all to film. Maybe my videos will serve as a good deterrent to beginnings who think it is all gold rings and silver hammered coins.

I will of course do a blog post when I make my first metal detecting video, either this weekend or next.

Paul Barford, the archaeological world's biggest let down.

Paul Barford has been his usual unpleasant self over the last couple of days. In his latest foul mouthed outburst he likened conversation with metal detectorists to talking to children with learning disabilities. This is a quote from the blog post, 

"At times it seems talking to a group of special needs children would probably be easier than explaining simple facts to some UK metal detectorists."

Point scoring using ill and disadvantaged children is probably as low as you can get and really shows him for what he is. How anyone can give what he writes from now on is beyond me. What little respect I had for him has gone now. If anyone wants to check out his disgusting rant they can by clicking here.

Have a little read of it and decide if you believe this man deserves any respect. I'm confident it won't be long before his actions see him shunned by everyone except his UK based chief in command Nigel Swift.

Anyway that's enough from me, until next time good luck and happy hunting.


  1. Nice one Andy. Good luck with the cam. I've been toying with the idea of doing videos myself and know nothing about these sports cams. Looking forward to seeing any videos you make.

    1. Cheers janner, can't wait to knock of work and have a play with it. Hope I haven't made a mistake by buying the cheaper one.


  2. By Swift's friends shall we know him. As for Barford, words fail me. His remarks about special needs children convinces me he has issues that need counselling. Perhaps we should henceforth ignore him...he's not important in the equation anyway. All very sad.

    1. Yes you are right John. I suppose by ignoring him we will not be unintentionally promoting his tacky blog and his communist beliefs and ideas, what a great idea !


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