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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A little warning to anyone making a metal detecting video.

Just a quick post to anybody who is in the process or planning to make a metal detecting video to upload to youtube. Youtube may be the masters of housing uploaded videos but their video stabilisation software sucks, big time.

My video was the first i had ever made and uploaded and because it was my first time it took me absolutely ages editing the video and trying to make it look a bit presentable instead of just a mash up of stop/start clips. After uploading it youtube sent a message notifying me that they had detected the video image was a little shakey ( it was filmed with a smartphone) and offered to fix this for me with their state of the art video stabilisation software. Great i though, any help has got to be worth it.

It wasn't until today when a friend told me they had viewed it and were shocked at how bad the shakiness and smoothness was that i decided to take a look at the finished youtube edited version and i could not believe it. It was a total write off, luckily i had stored the original video on my PC.

So the moral of the story is that if you plan to upload a metal detecting video be very wary of youtubes friendly offer of help.

Check it out for yourself

Click here to view my original version and then click here for youtubes "stabilised" version.

Happy hunting

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