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Saturday, 17 January 2015

I might do some beach metal detecting this weekend.

I fancy having a bash at metal detecting on the beach at some point this weekend. My last few trips to there were pretty crap with nothing to show
for it barring ringpulls and other aluminium scraps.

However its been a blustery few weeks here on the East coast of England. In fact we have winds up to 60mph a few times over this last week, if that hasn't shifted some sand I don't think anything will. I'm not sure where to head yet and the nearest decent beach is a good 30 miles but its got to be worth the risk.

Is there any readers who detect the East coast beaches ? I haven't heard from any in a while. How's it looking over there?

Anyway, I will post up and finds I make as and when I finally find the motivation to head of down there.

Happy hunting all.

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