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Sunday, 11 January 2015

A few trips out metal detecting.

Hi all,

Just a quick update on what i have been getting up too lately on the metal detecting front.

Over the last month i have been metal detecting around 4 times all with very limited success. Two of the attempts were at Filey beach in North Yorkshire and on both arrivals the beach was totally
unrecognisable from how it used to be when i regularly went there and came home with a pocket full of pre-decimal coins ranging from George 2 through to queen Victoria. The sand was maybe 3-4 foot higher than it used to be with no gulley's or features anywhere along the length. I actually dug a test hole in an area where it was literally a spades depth to reach the base clay, on my test hole i couldn't actually reach the clay due to how far down it is now.

As you can imagine i left the beach on both occasions with very little to show except for a few recent loss decimals and a load of light aluminium scraps.

The other two trips i have made have been at a local permission and that i recently gained. The field is only small and has been made into pasture over the last 3 years for cattle to graze on. I was very excited to get on it as i have not had a land based permission for a very long time. Unfortunately over the two searches i have made there i have only uncovered a few pre-decimals from between 1907 and 1921.

I do think the field has got stuff to give as it is situated in a good area steeped in history dating back to the 12th century. I may need to invest in a deeper machine though as i don't think the teknetics eurotek pro is cutting the mustard. The finds seem to be deep down as the soil is quite peaty and loose.

Anyway that's what i have been up to and i will make sure i blog any more trips out.

Happy hunting

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