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Thursday, 22 January 2015

A few metal detecting bits and pieces.

Would you be happy to give all your metal detecting finds to the landowner?

I ask this after reading a thread on the metal detecting forum. A member there had managed to find and secure his first ever permission only to find there was a condition he had to follow. The landowner wants 100% of all finds that equal too £50 and above. This has caused quite a debate to start over if it is fair or not with the mass saying no it is not.

I must admit I feel the same, let's be honest, half the fun is finding tiny parts of history to piece together and the other half is the chance of finding the hoard that could set you up for life. Its part of the buzz and the thrill wondering if there is a gold coin below your feet or even a hoard of Saxon coins. Any metal detectorist who tells you they don't care about keeping finds for collections or to sell is pulling your leg, we are at the end of the day treasure hunters.

Of course Mr Barford is making a big deal about it all, which is a bit ironic though. He claims to have worked as an archaeologist, so this means he was more than likely paid for digging things up and recording them, is this not the same as a detectorist who records finds with the PAS? 

Which metal detector?

I fancy changing my two metal detectors. I currently have the Cscope cs4pi and the Teknetics Eurotek pro and they doin have earnt there keep. Unfortunately though they take up too much room (the Mrs says) and I want to get one metal detector that is capable of doing all areas that I cover.

I mainly detect the beaches hence why I have the pulse induction detector but recently I have gained a small pasture permission where the finds seem to be deep, also I hope to gain more land based permissions in the near future so it needs to be a machine that's just as happy on land as it is on the black sand. So far i am pretty swayed towards a Minelab of some kind the safari, explorer series and sovereigns mainly but I am open to other suggestions from more experienced detectorists. So if you have any advice please make a comment 

Many thanks.

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