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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Two trips to the beach metal detecting.

As mentioned in a previous blog post i have bought a new Cscope cs4pi metal detector so I'm back out on the beaches now metal detecting after a few months away from the hobby.

So far i have done a couple of 3 hour
stints at Filey up on the North Yorkshire coast which used to be one of my favorite beaches to detect due to the masses of pre decimal coins from under the sand in a clay layer which used to be abound a spades depth. Well what a difference a couple of months make to a beach, it is now totally unrecognizable. Gone are all the gully's and pools which have now all been replaced by oodles of flat sand, in fact i would say there seems to have been about 3-4 foot of sand evenly distributed across the beach since last time i visited it.

My first trip i headed towards the northern area in front of the sailing club area. The total dug up was 34p and a load of ring pulls and hair grips, after 3 hours i was ready to go home and decided i would give the south end a try the following day.

After the 4.30am get up and 45 mile drive i hit the south beach with renewed enthusiasm, unfortunately it was more of the same. The sand seemed even deeper and i only managed 13p and a few ring pulls.

On the drive home i checked a few other spots along the Yorkshire coast, Bridlington, Hornsea, Withernsea, it was the same story at all the venues just tonnes of sand.

So here i am with my spanking new pulse induction detector and no beaches worth wasting the fuel money to detecting on.

Roll on the Autumn/Winter storms!

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  1. Crown estates don't seem to be giving out permissions anymore for beaches do you have any idea if councils are giving out beach permission directly? I fancy trying my hand at some beaches.


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