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Sunday, 10 August 2014

My take on the metal detecting muppet YouTube video.

I have not blogged for a while, mainly due to the fact I have not been metal detecting for the last few months. However I am back up and running after purchasing a new pulse induction machine for
the beach.

But i feel the urge to jot down my views on the whole metal detecting muppet/nighthawk video that is doing the rounds on various blogs, forums and of course YouTube.

There has been a lot of speculation about this short clip with all manner of explanations, some have even claimed it to be a fraud and a set up. I personally believe that the idea of it being a set up is a ridiculous notion and is being used to deflect some of the flak that is now being aimed at us detectorists. Surely it would be more beneficial for the hobby to accept that there are bad eggs amongst us and to use this particular example as a form of education of how not to do things. 

This young man is obviously not a new detectorist, correct me if i am wrong but he appears to be using a Teknetics T2 which is by no means a beginners machine. He is a chancer who thought he could detect illegally on someone elses property without permission and he would have got away with it if it was not  for the filmer of this clip "TreeRat". 

So how do we go about sorting this mess out? I think it would be naive to think that this is a one off case, from my own experience with farmers and trying to gain that ever elusive land permission it is clear that the vast majority of land owners have had experiences with metal detector wielding nighthawkers.

It would be nice to think that now everyone has seen the stick this illegal detectorist has received that it may work as a deterrent to at least some of the nighthawks or people who are thinking about doing it. 

Some of the publicity the clip received from a certain few archaeo-bloggers is disappointing to read. It just seems that at any opportunity they will use something like this to make out that all detectorists behave like mindless, thuggish, oafs such as the chap on the video, to be honest i think it was to be expected after witnessing there utter predictability for the lasts year or so.

I did read somewhere that the police have now caught up to and questioned the delinquent who will forever be known as the metal detector muppet and i hope that this will bring a bit of closure to the whole incident. Even though the clip has caused bad publicity for the hobby i think we have shown a united front that we do not accept or condone this sort of behaviour and that anyone who does do it will  not be accepted and will be outed from the metal detecting community. 

Lets move on and learn from this.   

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