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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Keeping on the nighthawk theme

I used to quite regularly scan the news for metal detecting articles that I could use to write about on this blog. Lately however I have been slacking and have not bothered to see what
is happening.

tonight though I thought I would have a look and one of the first stories I came across just so happened to be about a nighthawk caught in the act digging up a football pitch. The link to the story is here if anyone is interested in reading it.

At the start all is fine and dandy, the culprit who has been doing his part in tarring this hobby has been caught red handed. Unfortunately though it seems our justice system has failed us yet again.

It turns out the man had been told on multiple occasions that he had no right to dig there by council officials and this made no impact. Now the police have caught him red handed, his punishment? He was told to stop digging!

Why was his gear not confiscated and a fine imposed just like when someone is caught fishing without a license? There is absolutely no deterrent set by this example that tells other nighthawks that they will be harshly punished.

They also ask the public to please ring the police if they see this man or any other person metal detecting there, I guess so that they can tell them to stop digging again.



  1. Hi Andy

    This was reported back in January in the same paper...

    Not sure why the police did not prosecute the info from the Safer Neighbourhood Group meeting on the 28th May at Rosliston Village Hall was that PCSO Mcmillan stated that the person with metal detector digging up ground at Overseal, that the issue had been dealt with.

    Contact email address for PCSO Mcmillan if you wish to make further enquiries, not sure if he will give out any more info than what is already available.


    1. Thanks kpvw, I will fire an email off at some point and update the blog post when I get a response

  2. What a loser - it is people like that who give everyone who detects a bad name and ultimately can force councils to introduce laws banning this great hobby.


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