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Monday, 26 May 2014

XP Deus metal detector review

a picture of a XP deus metal detector

XP Deus metal detector review submitted by Terry W - Bedford.

I have owned the XP Deus metal detector for around three months now, my main reason for purchasing this
metal detector is due to a bad shoulder and back which my old detector aggravated due to its weight. The XP Deus is amazingly lightweight and I find I can easily accomplish a full days detecting with it.

One of the great advantages of the XP Deus is the fact that it is completely wireless, which means I am no long tangling myself up in the headphone cable. I went for the full setup and bought my Deus with the control unit as I like to be able to see a screen whilst detecting, also there is more control over the settings when used with the control unit instead of the headphones.

So far I have not experimented to much with the different Settings as if I am honest I am a bit of a technophobe. So up too now I have been using the basic 2 setting which too be fair has found me quite a lot of good finds from ground that I have already hammered with my old detectors.

The XP Deus is amazing at finding the small artefacts and coins at quite a depth and it is also a real silver hoover.

Up to now I am very impressed with my XP Deus metal detector and I am sure given a lot more time with it I will feel comfortable to leave the basic settings and maybe explore them a bit more. The XP Deus is quite an exspensive metal detector, I bought mine second hand for £770 in pretty much as new condition but they are roughly £1200 brand new depending on what coils ect you buy.

One last thing I would like to say to potential buyers or owners of the XP Deus, be carefull of the charging clip for the coil it seems to be a weak point and I have broken one already.

Good luck if you go for an XP Deus

Terry W

XP Deus metal detector review, submitted by Glenn R, Norwich.

The XP Deus metal detector is the daddy of all metal detectors as far as I am concerned, I have only been in this hobby for a few years and as soon as I heard about this detector I knew it was my goal to buy one.

It is a very complex detector and there are so many options and adjustments that you can make, also it can be upgraded online when XP release new versions.

I have found that it is a very, very capable metal detector. I use mine on land mainly using Deus fast with tracking on but also I use it on the beach with its beach mode and it works great.

The XP Deus metal detector is a very deep and sensitive detector and has found me hammies, gold, silver and many other artefacts. I would recommend buying the full kit with the control unit as it allows you too make greater tweaks to your setting and also it lets you know more about what is under your coil.

The XP Deus is a metal detector that is for the serious metal detectorists, I would not recommend it to anyone who is not serious about this hobby. But if you are serious you will not be disappointed, if you walk over a find the XP Deus will let you know, no mater if its deep, on the beach or on a contaminated site.

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