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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Its time I got back on the permission hunt.

As I sit looking out the window the window I am surrounded by acres and acres of arable farm land, yet I don't have one square foot that I can metal detect on.

The River Humber has just started its yearly silt which makes it almost impossible to retrieve finds and also the beaches are getting sanded in with the beach stripping winter storms just a distant memory now.

So that's it, I either stop metal detecting till next winter or I  pluck up some courage and go out bashing on doors. I can feel my stomach knotting up already just thinking about it !

This time round I will be letting the farmers know that I will be wanting to record the finds I make on there land and this will mean giving a grid reference, if they are not happy with this request then the permission is not right for me. I will also be letting the farmer know that all items found excluding treasure items belong to him, if there is anything that he does not after the recording of the finds I will let him know I am interested in acquiring them ( is that wrong?)

I am doing it like this partly because I want to be responsible and partly because I want to test the outcome I get doing it this way compared to the regular permission request.

If any of you have any tips or if you think I should add anything then please let me know with a comment.

I will let everyone know how I get on in due course.


  1. Good luck on the door knocking Andy. Most detectorists say that's the best way to go to get permissions. I can't do it myself. I've fought myself a while now over this but its something I can't bring myself to do. The way your going to do it will sound professional to the farmer and he will see you are genuine and have a real interest in history.

    1. Cheers Janner53, i hate it too. I don't know why though really im quite confident and can talk to anyone but when it come to farmers doors I just freeze up

  2. I'm same, if I see a farmer having a break at the side of his field or sat in a pub I'd not hesitate to approach him. But walking up his front path and knocking on his door feels so cheeky for want of a better word. I've turned this over and over in my head for a reason why I can't do it. If there are any psychologists reading this please help as I'm also desperate for a field or two.

  3. Good luck, i need to pluck up the courage sometime, keep finding excuses not to :)

  4. Be polite and explain exactly how you intend to conduct yourself... That is normally a good starting place.


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