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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The apparent lack of responsible metal detecting information on the forums.

Still angry about being booted off the uk and European metal detecting forum for basically expressing a non offensive opinion outside of the forum, I set to work on finding more proof  of cover ups, silencing
and bad practice.

Whilst browsing the forum from an account I have borrowed I noticed that there is nothing on responsible detecting. Not one section. Surely on a forum that is reaching out to 6663 signed up members and thousands more that are not signed up but just browse the avaliable information, there should be a static page or section that details how you should act when out metal detecting.

For example why isn't there a section that shows the code of conduct, links to the PAS, information saying why you shouldn't dig past the plough line, there isnt even any information on view about correctly digging a hole to retrieve a find and how to successfully fill it back in.

This is terrible of a forum that many new detectorists go to to try and learn how to metal detect. Why hasn't mrix implemented the basics into a singe highly visable place for all to see?


  1. Why should he Andy ? it is a forum if someone wants to know then other members help out, that is how forums work .The guy runs a very successful forum, you might not like some aspects of it then maybe instead of having a bitch about it on your blog you should've had a debate on the forum

  2. You have just answered perfectly the problem that the forum has. If you ask about it you will be advised and helped, unfortunately until you actually know about it in the first place you wouldn't think of it to ask. So surely it should be there in a stand alone page of easy access since its quite important that new and seasoned detectorists read it.

    As for the second part of your comment, what do you think would have happened if I was to start a debate on the forum about the problems within it?! I got kicked out for having an opinion and that was not even shared on the forum, so I know exactly where that would of got me....

    At least here I can have my non moderated say, as you can as well. Who knows maybe even mrix himself will read this and start implementing something into the forum, at least something good will have come from all this then


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