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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Has hobby metal detecting been damaged?!

The tv programme "nazi war diggers" was pulled indefinitely yesterday, which I for one believe is morally a blessing and also important damage limitation for metal detecting as a hobby.

However, even though
the programme was pulled so many people world wide saw the awful clip and write up on the Nat Geo website as news of the show spread like wildlfire.

My fears now are that people will be thinking this example is what we are all like. Money grabbing grave diggers without an ounce of sense or morals. It appears looking at a new thread on the metal detecting forum about the cancelling of the nazi war diggers show, the the general consensus between metal detectorists is the show was not right.

I am glad that the vast majority have voiced their opinions and have shown we are not all like that.

lets just keep our fingers crossed that this whole thing is forgotten about as quickly as it came to light and that there is no negative effect on metal detecting as a hobby.

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