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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A note to the anonymous trouble maker.

It seems me and Steve from I-go-detecting have both receiving comments published by possibly the same anonymous poster.

I think its a bit to much of a coincidence that this came literally hours after nat geo decided to indefinitely pull nazi war diggers,  not that im pointing any fingers
as to who is sending these messages.

It seems that by standing by something you feel strongly opposed to such as nazi war diggers for example, we have now set ourselves as targets for a few of the people who obviously dont believe in having morals.

It is probably wise for me to point out to the anonymous keyboard warrior that I have their ip address, I know what computer they are using, what version of windows, even their screen resolution, oh and also a very close approximate of your location.  Isn't technology amazing


  1. LoL and you still suck

  2. Wow, we have a clever one here. When you are capable of stringing a full coherent sentence together pop back and then I will let you comment. Until then good bye.

  3. Ironically proving that archaeologists and others might have a point when they think of detectorists as morons. If you are going to bother commenting at least say something :)


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