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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Would you buy the ultimate metal detector.

I was thinking earlier today about the massive advances in the technology of metal detecting,  even in the short years I have been practising the hobby.

I am sure it wont be long until one of the major manufacturers develops a detector that is 100% accurate with what is under the coil.

My question to you lot is would you purchase it ? Would you like a detector that tells you exactly what you have found before you even dig ? I personally wouldn't want one for various reasons. The main reasons being it would spoil the suprise and also it would make detecting very selective.

What do you lot think ?


  1. "massive advances in the technology of metal detecting" ??? What advances are these then? Yes processors have got faster and more finely tuned but the background technology hasn't improved since the 1970's I'm afraid marketing may have got better and a need to believe it has convinced us of "advances"

    1. Hi Geoff thanks for stopping by.

      Would you not say that multi frequency detector, detectors that incorporate GPS technology, better coils and the changes you mention are not advances? I would say detectors of today have much better depth, sensitivity and discrimination than detectors from the 70's.


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