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Friday, 28 March 2014

Will they do the right thing for metal detecting?

Is it to late for the producers of Nazi war diggers to pull the plug on this sinking ship and let it sink without trace? There is so much at stake right now now because of this programme.

Firstly the reputation of metal detectorists across the land are going to be tainted, its obvious joe public will see the programme and think we are all the same.

Secondly it crosses the the boundaries that I think we as humans should have set. When did we get to the position of thinking that playing with fallen soldiers bones was good entertainment?

Next up is the poor guys who are presenting it. Yes they shouldn't of signed up for it because the programme is just wrong on so many levels.  However they have taken a lot of flak recently for it.

Lastly we have the reputation of the national geographic channel at stake. Do they not realise if they show this their ratings are going to nosedive.

The only way anything can be salvaged from this mess is by pulling the series, learning lessons and not making the same mistakes again.

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  1. You are correct in saying this is a mess and is a total gift to the archaeoblogers who can and will make all they can out of it for their anti detecting agenda.


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