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Monday, 31 March 2014

Where is this metal detecting blog going?

When I started this metal detecting blog I wasn't expecting much from it, I didn't think anyone would bother to read it if in totally honest.  Its now been nearly two months although it feels like a hell of a lot longer.

Some how this blog drifted away from where I was trying to steer it and ended up embroiled in a lot of heavy debate, slanging matches and keyboard conflict. Now while the debate is good and healthy the rest of it is all a bit uncalled for and too be honest not very constructive at all, however when you feel very passionate about a subject its sometimes hard to not see red mist when faced with criticism.  So if I have offended, angered or just generally pissed people off I would like to apologise for it.

So without further a do this metal detecting blog is going to be exactly that, a metal detecting blog.  Of course there will still be debate but of a different tone, so just to let you all know that from now on anyone who comments in a way that I feel is disrespectful or trying to cause more conflict with someone else, you will more than likely find your comment is not approved so sorry in advance.

Lets get cracking.

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