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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Metal detecting and the bigger picture UPDATE

As an avid metal detectorist I like to pride myself on doing everything right when I'm out enjoying my hobby. No matter what Mr Barford and his pal say due to what is said and discussed on my blog about their trouble causing ways, I always go above and beyond the required amount when metal detecting.

I pride myself on doing my best to record the items I find to help paint as big a picture as possible of our country's past and I also carry out my own personal research into the items I find, its part and parcel of this great hobby.

I do the best I can do, maybe I don't abide by the rules that Nigel Swift thinks should be made but who in their right mind would? The man is relentless in being a killjoy.

I do everything I'm required to by law, I follow the code of conduct and record all finds. I also research, record and document my finds for future defence and because that is what I enjoy doing.

When out detecting I am always polite and approachable to the members of public who show interest in what it is I am doing. The amount of people who show genuine interest in the hobby never ceases to amaze me.

I personally feel that I am a responsible metal detectorist and conduct metal detecting in a great and beneficial way.

I am sure there are many many more people who use a metal detector and go about it the same way that I do.

I just though I had best make this post as it seems while I have been away Paul Barford has tried yet again to make me out to be a bad person and a lousy detectorist.


it seems Paul Barford has picked up on this post here as expected. He tries to make a point that everything is spear headed at him and Nigel for speaking out for the masses,  boo hoo.

Half the point I was making was that I have  spoke to hundreds of  members of the public whilst out and they love what im doing and show nothing but interest.  Sso yes it's spear headed at you two because you two are pretty much the only people who act like this

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