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Thursday, 20 March 2014

I have just bought my first archaeology book, wish me luck.

I have just bought my first archaeology book. I have chose Field archaeology,  an introduction by Peter Drewett.

For reasons unbeknownst I do not like reading real books (made of actual paper) I much prefer reading on my phone or tablet so I bought it as an electronic book from the Android play store.  Not only is it easier to read anywhere anytime it was also 7 quid cheaper than the paper book price on amazon.

This should keep me busy for a little while.


  1. Cool cool. Look forward to hearing how you get on. I prefer paper books oddly so waiting for mine in the post :)

    1. Thanks mate, hope you enjoy yours too.


    2. Good luck on your first archaeology book. A very interesting subject which goes hand in hand with metal detecting.

  2. Good move, Andy. Excellent choice since it deals with the kind of archaeological material you are likely to encounter. Hope you enjoy!

    Bear in mind that there are quite a lot of archaeology books free online too, including a text-only version of Drewett.

    Note the "Who does field archaeology?" chapter in Drewett. I feel if you think of yourself as an "amateur field archaeologist" rather than a "treasure hunter" and meticulously follow professional advice and guidelines (ideally by joining a local archaeological society), your hobby will not only be far more fun but also be truly beneficial to society. Happy reading!

  3. Thanks David, I haven't had chance to start yet but the weekend has just landed so I may get a chance this evening. Thanks for the link as well



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