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Sunday, 30 March 2014

I had a nice day metal detecting today

I mamaged to get out metal detecting today for around 5 hours in the sun. I headed to the usual spot of Hessle foreshore under the Humber Bridge.  Unfortunately there was nothing old and nothing gold to be had there today however I did find a few quid in modern change that will have been thrown off the bridge.
 There were plenty of the modern 2p coins that have the copper coating peeling away after only a few years ( not good for detectorists of the future).

After a couple of hours I decided to head upstream to north Ferriby foreshore which has a bit of romam history. The Romans used to cross the Humber at this point to get to south Ferriby and then on down to Lincoln. Anyway to cut a long story short,  after a few hours and a good mile or so walking detecting I had found nothing but modern change.

Although it was not all bad, north Ferriby is a hotspot for fossils so I managed to find a couple of nice ones.  One of the joys off metal detecting is the fact you don't have to find anything to enjoy yourself.  Just the walking, fresh air and time to think in peace is often enough.

Happy hunting


  1. Sounds like you had a nice day there Andy, nice one. I totally agree that metal detecting as a hobby is very therapeutic and if a find does come up its a bonus.
    I have not been out myself for a few days now, very busy with home things I've been avoiding, mainly decorating the lounge and tidying up the garden. Got to get it done to get 'er indoors off me back so I can get out detecting again :)

  2. No Gold rings today ? i really hope you do the right thing and hand those into the police station ? after all they most probably belong to someone that is living. If you find a 2000 year artifact in a field then the owner is long deceased but a 40 year old ring is different. Stop acting like you are a Saint Bainsey i know for a fact that you sell the gold rings that you find !!

    1. Nope no gold rings that day unfortunately. I have not found gold for getting on for a year now, im also far from a saint. However im learning quickly what is right and wrong, care to join me ?


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