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Saturday, 1 March 2014

A round up of the Sweetman hoard events.

The sweetman hoard really caused a major uproar in the press, forums and blogs.  In fact for the last week I dont think I have read anything detector related that hasnt hasn't been linked to it.

The way it was handled has seen huge criticism from varying party's including a bit from myself.

However when we break down the events and think over everything we have seen and heard it Is clear to see every metal detectorist can learn from it. The guys responsible for the finds have already taken steps to ensure that if another find of this magnitude is found again it will be dealt with in a better way.

Now isnt that what life is about ? Muddling our way through and learning lessons from our mistakes. No one gets everything right always and there will always be others that criticise other people's actions.

Do I blame the finders in anyway?  No. They did their best in the circumstances and have now seeked help in case they should find themselves in that situation again.

Thanks for bringing such a nice hoard to the publics attention

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