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Monday, 31 March 2014

Where is this metal detecting blog going?

When I started this metal detecting blog I wasn't expecting much from it, I didn't think anyone would bother to read it if in totally honest.  Its now been nearly two months although it feels like a hell of a lot longer.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

I had a nice day metal detecting today

I mamaged to get out metal detecting today for around 5 hours in the sun. I headed to the usual spot of Hessle foreshore under the Humber Bridge.  Unfortunately there was nothing old and nothing gold to be had there today however I did find a few quid in modern change that will have been thrown off the bridge.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Its in the press.

For anyone who is interested The New York Times has picked up on the Nazi war diggers story. The link is here, I now believe its to late to salvage anything from all of this. I really hope lessons have been learnt.

Will they do the right thing for metal detecting?

Is it to late for the producers of Nazi war diggers to pull the plug on this sinking ship and let it sink without trace? There is so much at stake right now now because of this programme.

Firstly the reputation of metal detectorists across the land are going to be tainted, its obvious joe public will see the programme and think we are all the same.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

I think I may have committed metal detecting blog suicide.

Since I wrote a critical blog post last night about the new upcoming metal detecting tv show Nazi war diggers it seems no one wants to visit this blog any more. Normally by this time on any given day I would have around 150 visits\views today I have had 12 and one comment telling me to keep my opinions to myself.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Metal detecting, fame and fortune but at what moral cost ?

I'm not going to beat around the bush with this one, I don't like it one bit.

Sometime in the coming month or so there will be a new metal detecting TV series horribly named "Nazi war diggers".  The programme will be focusing on two UK metal detectorists and a collector who have travelled to eastern Europe searching on grounds that staged a vicious war and left millions dead.

Im back blogging.

I was contacted numerous times by email yesterday and last night and persuaded to keep this blog running.  After a bit of though and a good sleep I have decided that is what I will do that whilst still doing my other projects.  However there may not be as many blog posts as usual.


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

It is with great regret.....

Just a quick post really to explain that I am leaving this blog.  It has been a good couple of months but I have a few blogging pojects I want to focus on, I believe this blog only had a limited time scale that it could operate due to the nature of the debate and posts.

I will leave it running for anyones reference and incase I have a change of mind at a future date.

I would like to thank all the readers and contributers and even Paul and Nigel for giving me things to blog about.

chow for now folks.



Saturday, 22 March 2014

What have we learnt from all of this ?

After the recent cross blog debates I think there have been a few valuable lessons to be learnt. We were challenged by Paul Barford to question the members of the bajr archaeology forum on the subject of if metal detector is at are adding or subtracting to the historical record by removing metallic finds from the topsoil layer of a site.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Finally, the answer to the question! well done Steve

Well over the last couple of days there has been some debating going on between the blogs.

This all started over Paul Barford and friends saying that detectorists are destroying the historical record by digging finds from out of the topsoil of a site.

A frequent commentator on this blog known as Steve stepped up by saying that we actually help the historical record by finding and recording such items from these areas because when archaeologists do a dig they scrape up to 50cm of topsoil away (that's a lot deep than any of our metal detectors go) and then put it in a spoils heap and carry on.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

I have just bought my first archaeology book, wish me luck.

I have just bought my first archaeology book. I have chose Field archaeology,  an introduction by Peter Drewett.

For reasons unbeknownst I do not like reading real books (made of actual paper) I much prefer reading on my phone or tablet so I bought it as an electronic book from the Android play store.  Not only is it easier to read anywhere anytime it was also 7 quid cheaper than the paper book price on amazon.

This should keep me busy for a little while.

Just to clear things up. Impersonation alert ( new update)

A recent blog post by Paul Barford located here is suggesting that a regular commentator on this blog named Steve is actually the person who has been impersonating me on various blogs.

I asked Paul to send proof of his claim to save me having to download ip tracking software but he declined in his usual unhelpful way.

so I have downloaded the software and will check it out myself.

Im unsure why anyone would want to impersonate me in the first place which I find very weird. There are some odd people out there though.


After a re-read of Pauls post it appears he is trying to imply to his readers that the impersonator of his blog and the person impersonating  me is actually me. I just want to assure the readers here that this is not the case as Paul full well knows as he will have my ip address. These are very underhand tactics he is using to ruin my good name.

Next update

Paul has revealed the ip he believes is that of the person who is impersonating himself and me.

I have checked the ip against yesterdays full list of visitors and it matches none of them. So I think that totally rules out Steve and any other commenter here. I have let Paul know but he will not post the comment I sent him to his post about Steve.  Which I guess shows Paul has an agenda against Steve.  Which would come as no suprise considering the nature of Steves comments on this blog

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Metal detecting and the bigger picture UPDATE

As an avid metal detectorist I like to pride myself on doing everything right when I'm out enjoying my hobby. No matter what Mr Barford and his pal say due to what is said and discussed on my blog about their trouble causing ways, I always go above and beyond the required amount when metal detecting.

I pride myself on doing my best to record the items I find to help paint as big a picture as possible of our country's past and I also carry out my own personal research into the items I find, its part and parcel of this great hobby.

I do the best I can do, maybe I don't abide by the rules that Nigel Swift thinks should be made but who in their right mind would? The man is relentless in being a killjoy.

I do everything I'm required to by law, I follow the code of conduct and record all finds. I also research, record and document my finds for future defence and because that is what I enjoy doing.

When out detecting I am always polite and approachable to the members of public who show interest in what it is I am doing. The amount of people who show genuine interest in the hobby never ceases to amaze me.

I personally feel that I am a responsible metal detectorist and conduct metal detecting in a great and beneficial way.

I am sure there are many many more people who use a metal detector and go about it the same way that I do.

I just though I had best make this post as it seems while I have been away Paul Barford has tried yet again to make me out to be a bad person and a lousy detectorist.


it seems Paul Barford has picked up on this post here as expected. He tries to make a point that everything is spear headed at him and Nigel for speaking out for the masses,  boo hoo.

Half the point I was making was that I have  spoke to hundreds of  members of the public whilst out and they love what im doing and show nothing but interest.  Sso yes it's spear headed at you two because you two are pretty much the only people who act like this

Thursday, 6 March 2014

New responsible detectorist on the scene.

Just a quick post to say welcome to a new detectorist who has started a responsible detecting blog.

I wish detectorbloke all the best with his blogging journey and i look forward to hear what he has to say.

His blog can be found here

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Would you buy the ultimate metal detector.

I was thinking earlier today about the massive advances in the technology of metal detecting,  even in the short years I have been practising the hobby.

I am sure it wont be long until one of the major manufacturers develops a detector that is 100% accurate with what is under the coil.

My question to you lot is would you purchase it ? Would you like a detector that tells you exactly what you have found before you even dig ? I personally wouldn't want one for various reasons. The main reasons being it would spoil the suprise and also it would make detecting very selective.

What do you lot think ?

Monday, 3 March 2014

I have took the day off work.

I took a holiday day off work today and decided to have a reconnaissance mission to my local stomping ground.  The weather here today is beautiful  bright sunshine and no wind what a difference a day makes!

I have left my draper shortie at home so if im going to dig its either a 15 mile trip back home or I go and buy a new one from b&q 2 minutes down the road. For now though im just happy being sat here watching the river go by.

If I dig I will post the results later.


Sunday, 2 March 2014

I didn't get out.

Well I promised myself I would get out detecting this weekend, yet again it just didn't happen.

Yesterdays weather was perfect for it but I ended up at the cinema with my Mrs and the daughter.  Today's weather was not so favourable but it didn't matter any way as I ended up going for a very long and painful bike ride with the Mrs. After that I somehow ended up in b&q looking for new down stairs doors.

Oh well maybe next weekend.  Hope everyone else got out and made some good finds.


I'm being impersonated.

Just a quick post for all blog holders that are linked to my blog.

I have been informed that some sad act has impersonated my google account and is posting threats and very nasty comments under my name.

If you receive a comment like this from someone called Andy Baines please let me know.

I'm not happy about this situation.


Saturday, 1 March 2014

A round up of the Sweetman hoard events.

The sweetman hoard really caused a major uproar in the press, forums and blogs.  In fact for the last week I dont think I have read anything detector related that hasnt hasn't been linked to it.

The way it was handled has seen huge criticism from varying party's including a bit from myself.

However when we break down the events and think over everything we have seen and heard it Is clear to see every metal detectorist can learn from it. The guys responsible for the finds have already taken steps to ensure that if another find of this magnitude is found again it will be dealt with in a better way.

Now isnt that what life is about ? Muddling our way through and learning lessons from our mistakes. No one gets everything right always and there will always be others that criticise other people's actions.

Do I blame the finders in anyway?  No. They did their best in the circumstances and have now seeked help in case they should find themselves in that situation again.

Thanks for bringing such a nice hoard to the publics attention