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Friday, 14 February 2014

The recent storms.

Britain has been relentlessly battered by heavy storms for the last couple of months. The storms have brought devastation to many communities around the UK.

I really hope the people effected by any of the weather we have been experiencing manage to rebuild their lives and my heart goes out to the families who have had their homes flooded.

Despite all the devastation there have been many exciting discoveries around the coasts due to the sands being shifted by the winds and rough seas.

For example in Happisburgh on the Norfolk coast  the sands washed away to reveal the oldest human footprints found in Europe. The interesting story is available by clicking here

I was also paticularly interested in the article about two cannons believed to have been used during the napoleonic war. The link to this article is here

I wonder if anymore fascinating finds will come to light after the storm on last Wednesday.

let me know if any off you have found anything interesting uncovered by the storms

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